You know when to come to a place and say…what wonderful energy there is here…this is the place for me. Everything started off that way, with our feeling that this place was magic

Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture

La Cerreta follows the principles of biodynamic agriculture not only as a method of cultivating, raising animals and producing, but also as a lifestyle, our main goal being to sustain the earth and be in complete harmony with it.

The first rule of biodynamic agriculture is that by following ideas, feelings and intuition connected with an area’s characteristics, you can prevent damaging the earth.  It is a cultivation method free from preconceptions, which evolves season after season, year after year.  It is perfected through observation and experience, and by returning to those universal principles which are systematically neglected, in keeping with the logic of mass production and to the detriment of the ecosystem and of food’s quality and healthiness.

La Cerreta is a Demeter certified biodynamic farm. Following a diversified closed cycle, we produce wine, oil, meat, cured meats, cheeses, fruit, chestnuts, cereals and fodder and we raise native cattle, swine, horses, bees and poultry. This variety ensures for an ecosystem with the biodiversity fundamental for maintaining the right balance in the production cycles and for harvesting resources of excellent quality in terms of flavor, genuineness, and nutritional and energy values.

La Cerreta farm carries out high-quality limited production, the fruit of twenty years of experience during which we have preserved and stimulated the balance of the earth’s self-regulating forces. It is with simplicity and passion that we offer a slice of High Maremma rural culture. Its culinary arts, equestrian culture, agriculture and hospitality are its strengths for revitalizing the entire region without giving up its identity.

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