You know when to come to a place and say…what wonderful energy there is here…this is the place for me. Everything started off that way, with our feeling that this place was magic



There have been grape vines at La Cerreta since ancient times.  However, the more qualified winemaking experience began in 1999 with replanting 6 hectares of an old vineyard in an area more exposed to the “solatio”, which old people said made the best wine in Pian delle Vigne.
In this siliceous clay soil we have planted cabernet sauvignon, merlot, sangiovese and vermentino, fertilizing with green manure from leguminous, cruciferous and gramineous plants and our composted animal manure.  It is this specific connection between soil management and our microclimate, where chestnuts and domestic pines grow together, that gives our wines their unique characteristics.


Hand harvesting small plots of land and vinification using autochthonous yeasts gives La Cerreta wines originality, with good character and healthiness. In our cellar no enological adjuvants are used and fermentation follows its natural course.

Currently the vineyard area extends to 8 hectares, after planting 2 hectares of red vines in 2003, counting on typically Tuscan varieties that have nearly disappeared, such as colorino, barsaglina and foglia tonda. Sensitivity, passion and love for the earth are the elements inspiring our wine production.

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