Follow me among the river stones and chestnut woods, through the small cascades nestled in this green valley. Do you feel the energy?  It is my gift to you.

Our Food

Our Food

Food plays a prominent role among the elements characterizing a high quality and health conscious lifestyle. Genuine products, the characteristics of the environment they come from, a guarantee of traceability and organoleptic properties are difficult to find together in a restaurant.  La Cerreta has achieved this aim.

As a biodynamic farm, we produce more than 90% of the resources that are transformed and served at our table. This begins with a highly nutritious breakfast of yogurt from fresh cow’s milk;  extra fruit jams produced by us and good for spreading on our naturally leavened bread, baked in a wood burning oven; cheeses and freshly laid eggs…

Lunch and dinner are marked by the same quality.Vegetables straight from the garden; cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil; Maremma beef, Cinta Senese pork and Leghorn chickens raised on our farm and accompanied by wines from our vineyards. These genuine elements are prepared following recipes from old farm traditions that have been revisited with a creative touch, transforming a basic need, such as food, into one of the most highly appreciated art forms and completely satisfying the senses.

A balanced restaurant offering, conceived as the expression of a region and culture with solid roots, preserved by men and women who have not given in to mass tourism but keep each phase of harvesting and transforming products close to their hearts, so that they may serve a local dish highlighting the continuity and authenticity that are so important to us.

The culture of food and the attention we give it are our restaurant’s strong points and the foundation for our philosophy: eat to nourish both body and soul.

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