You know when to come to a place and say…what wonderful energy there is here…this is the place for me. Everything started off that way, with our feeling that this place was magic

Solatìo della Cerreta I.G.T. 2011


Our wine is obtained from biodynamically produced grapes certified by ICEA and DEMETER. The agronomic management of the vineyards and the growing techniques provide great balance for the plants. Fertilization is carried out mainly with green manure from leguminous, cruciferous and gramineous plants and our composted animal manure.  Pesticides are made exclusively from sulphur, bentonite, very little copper and are naturally biodynamic preparations.  The wine produced from these grapes reflects the balance and harmony between plant and soil, the maximum expression of our terroir.

Data sheet

Grape varietes

80% Sangiovse, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Barsaglina, 3% Foglia Tonda, 3% Colorino, 3% Merlot

Area of production

Pian delle Vigne-Sassetta-Livorno

Vineyard area

3 hectares

Vineyard altitude

250 meters a.s.l


Siliceous Clay Training system Bilateral spurred cordon

Vine density

6,000 plants per hectare

Yield per hectare

40 quintals


The grapes are harvested by hand, selected and placed in crates, and wine production begins immediately without adding yeast, sulfites or adjuvants. Neither filtering nor fining is carried out.

Alcoholic fermentation

about 20 days

Malolactic fermentation



1 yard in barrels, 10 months in bottles
Wine image


Acquired alcohol


Total acidity

5.21 gr/l



Total SO2

21 mg/l

Free SO2

12 mg/l

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